We are a Seattle girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting a love for the game.

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Your Queen Anne Quick Styx Team Store is open and ready for you to start promoting to parents, players, and Alumni. Your Close Date is currently set for 2/28/17.

Please copy and paste the following link and begin shopping:


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Product Minimums
In order for us to produce the products being offered through your Team Store, it is essential for the products to ‘hit minimums’.  This means that your products need to sell a certain amount for Boathouse Sports to produce the items.  We have listed the minimums for our training gear and outerwear below.
Minimum order of 6 for our Outerwear (Mission Pullover, Women’s Mission Pullover, Youth Mission Pullover, Women’s Torrent Jacket)
Minimum order of 12 for our Training Gear (9oz Hoodie, Youth hoody, Women’s Revolution Jersey, Youth Women’s revolution Jersey, Men’s and Women’s polo, Unstructured Hat)