We are a Seattle girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting a love for the game.

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Director*: Carolyn Sherman

Assistant Director*:

Treasurer*: Brett Carolan

Secretary*:  Colleen Ando

Registrar*:  Mollie Gemma

Fields/Scheduler/City Parks Liaison: Jim Vanderslice

Coaching Coordinator*: Chris Parent

Player Development*: Chris Parent

WAGLAX Liaison:  Jim Vanderslice

Uniform/Apparel/Merchandise Coordinator: Paul Moody

Equipment Manager: Mike Masterson

Webmaster: Carolyn Sherman

Marketing/Communications Coordinator: Colleen Ando

High School Liaison:

Team Manager Coordinator:  Mollie Gemma

Safety/Risk Management Coordinator:

Awards/Sportsmanship Coordinator:


* Voting Positions