We are a Seattle girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting a love for the game.

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QAQS Committee Member Responsibilities

President/Field, League and Program Coordinator:   George Bergeron

  1. Budget
    1. Close out previous year-Sept
    2. Create next season budget
    3. Set registration fees
    4. Monitor/update as the season progresses
  2. Growth
    1. How fast do we continue to grow
  3. Team
    1. Tied in with growth and field availability
    2. Do we cap the number at each level along with the number of players per team.
  4. Commitment
    1. How do we deal with those who continually no-show or put other activities first.
  5. Tax/Nonprofit
  6.  Fields
    1. Research alternate fields close by
    2. Set up dates at QA Bowl with City
    3. Work with City to identify alternate sites
  7. U-11/U-9 Practice Days/Times
    1. Work with city to identify field space and availability for weekday evening
    2. Attempt to get off of Friday practices
    3. U-11 Two 1hour practices or keep One 1.5hour practice
  8. Scheduling: game and practice
    1. Work with city
    2. Submissions to WAGLAX
    3. Increase number of home games if possible at all levels
    4. Consider Number of games that are over 30 miles away
  9. Scholarships
    1. Providing Financial Aid
    2. Donations
  10. Liaisons
    1. Work with Seattle United
    2. Work with QAL, MagU
    3. Work with NES, Seattle Central, Shoreline, Holy Names Academy, Seattle Prep, Garfield, Roosevelt
    4. WAGLAX Board Liaison/Rep
    5. WAGLAX Board member
Equipment and Uniforms:   Roseann Seeley/Angie Santorsola
  1. Equipment
    1. Inventory
    2. Purchase
    3. Distribution
    4. Monitoring
    5. Collection and Inventory
    6. Storage Unit
  2. Uniforms
    1. Inventory
    2. Purchase
    3. Distribution and refundable deposit
    4. Monitor
    5. Collection
  3. Goals
    1. Storage
    2. Locks
    3. Purchase of new goals
    4. Purchase of new portable goals
  4. Apparel
    1. Identify a better source to purchase from
    2. Identify ways to make it easier for families to purchase
    3. Identify ideas for team swag for players.

Registrar/ Technology:  Open
  1. Registration
    1. Set up online registration
    2. Monitor progress
    3. Need to make sure it provides useful reports
  2. Website
    1. Need someone who can continually update
    2. Switch to League Athletics for integration with US Lax, WAGLAX, and online registration
Coach and Player Development:   John Melin, Lindsey Anderson, Chris Hansot, Steve Taylor, Jeff Ballaine
  1. Drills
    1. Set up on website or playbook
    2. Individual drills
    3. Wall ball drills
    4. Practice plans for each division
  2. Clinics
    1. New
    2. Experienced
    3. Weekly summer clinics (coached by?)
  3. Coaches
    1. Identify
    2. Recruit
    3. Background checks
    4. Certifications
    5. Training
    6. Practice Plans
    7. US Lax Memberships
    8. Evaluate using feedback

Communications/Volunteer Coordinator:    Caroline Ballaine
  1. Communication
    1. Team Cowboy
    2. Another site?
    3. Too many emails?
  2. Managers
    1. Finding 2 team managers at each level
    2. Update task list
    3. Monitor
    4. Make sure that U-11 managers set up field/time keeper
      1. Identify 3 to 4 people who will help
      2. Update sketches
      3. Need Red and White Duct Tape
  3. Scorekeeper/Timekeepers (individual team managers coordinate this)
    1. Identify early
    2. Attend training
    3. Three to Four at each level
    4. Set up manuals/scorekeeping sheets
    5. Set up timer/scorer keeper bags
  4. Volunteers/Volunteer Coordinator
    1. Creation of volunteer list and duties
    2. Background check for all volunteers
  5. Find a team photographer
    1. May be a job for individual team managers or may do this as a group
    2. Post photos to team cowboy or website
  6. End of the Season Survey
    1. Create
    2. Distribute
    3. Monitor
    4. Report results

Events Coordinator:   Tamara Ball

  1. Find leaders for each event
    1. QAQS Jamboree and bake sale
      1. Set up date
      2. Work with Frances in advance to get bake sale arranged
      3. Purchase traffic flags/vests for crossing
      4. Work with league, NES and Central Seattle to set dates and configuration
      5. Promotion
      6. Set up vendors
      7. Notifications to other programs involved
      8. Set up U-11 and U-9 fields (or see to it that the managers of those teams do so)
      9. High School All Star Game
    2. End of season celebration
      1. Set date
      2. Schedule activities
      3. Arrange picnic or BBQ
      4. See to it that there are Coaches gifts (team managers can do this)
    3. End of Season Jamboree
      1. Establish number of teams early
      2. Commitments and fines
      3. Promotion
    4. Parent Meeting
      1. Set up meeting space
      2. Identify best time/month to hold
      3. What should be discussed
      4. Coordinate for new parents/Intro to game rules and strategy
Recruiting:   Lisa Barnes
  1. Recruiting for teams
    1. Yard Signs
    2. Banners
    3. Notifications in Schools, Blogs, Newspapers, Community Centers
    4. Word of Mouth
    5. Magnolia Parade
  2. Referees
    1. Need to recruit adults and high school students with QAQS ties
    2. Communicate to referees about training.
  3. QAQS Alumni
    1. Continue to offer opportunities to participate